Our Academic Collaboration with Dalhousie University

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Our research in weather routing has opened doors to fruitful collaborations, one of the most significant being with Dalhousie University, represented by the esteemed Professor Robert Milson from the Department of Mathematics. It was an enriching experience to host Professor Milson during his stay in Madrid, where we gathered at the IE Tower to conduct in-depth research on weather routing. This led to the completion of our first joint paper, titled “Hybrid Search Method for Zermelo’s Navigation Problem,” which is currently under revision.

The collaboration with Dalhousie University also presents exciting internship opportunities. Over the next few months, we will be joined by Louis Bu, a mathematics graduate from Dalhousie. Louis will work with us at the IE Tower as we continue to advance our optimization algorithms, aiming to present our findings at conferences and explore the possibility of a second publication.

IE and Dalhousie team meet

As we progress, we remain committed to refining our methods and furthering our understanding of weather routing, with the ultimate goal of creating more efficient and sustainable navigation solutions. The insights gained from our collaboration with Dalhousie University have great value, and we hope to continue this fruitful line of research for long!

We want to express our heartfell appreciation to the BBVA Foundation, Agencia Estatal de Investigación and IE University for their support. Our research group will to continue pushing the boundaries of weather routing and contributing to the global effort for a greener and more sustainable future. Together, we believe our collective efforts will make a significant impact on the world’s maritime industry.