Mathematical Optimization in Weather Routing through the Zermelo Navigation Problem


In this talk, Daniel Precioso explored the application of mathematics in weather routing, focusing specifically on the Zermelo Navigation Problem (ZNP) and its practical implications. Weather routing utilizes mathematical models and meteorological data to optimize ship routes, while ZNP addresses the challenge of optimizing ships’ travel time considering perturbations in vector fields. We presented the novel Hybrid Search (HS) algorithm, which combines ZNP with an efficient route optimization approach developed by Ferraro-Martin de Diego-Sato de Almagro.

Attendees gained insights into how mathematics contributes to enhancing ship navigation, improving fuel efficiency, and supporting decision-making in maritime transport.

You can watch the talk here: video.

Daniel's presentation at the Environmental Monitoring conference

The research for this project is funded by BBVA Foundation and Agencia Estatal de Investigación.